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Our Story

Story of Martini

Martini Lutheran Church is blessed to have recently celebrated its 160th Anniversary! As such, it has a rich history not only in the Missouri Synod, but in the New Haven area. Martini started in 1853 right here in New Haven, IN and has survived through the American Civil War, depressions, and World Wars. Despite its ups and downs, today, Martini has had significant growth, gaining around 100 new members in the last 5 years. Today Martini continues its legacy of spreading the Word of God and reaching out to families around the community. 

"The Word of God's love in Christ is the same word that our forefathers treasured and has remained the same over these many years, and by the grace of God, will be the same for our children's children," Pastor Gerken, a former pastor of Martini wrote. And it is Martini's mission today to spread the Word to all. God willing, Martini will be around another 160 years and continue on in strong faith to grow and help others come to the Faith.

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