Martini Lutheran Church is a congregation with a long history of 160 years. However, we are also a family based congregation with a ministry of raising up children and families in the faith.  Above all, we cherish the Bible's teachings of forgiveness, life, and salvation for everyone. When attending Martini, expect to see the Means of Grace: Baptism- a reminder for all and those new to the faith that were are all blessed with water and the Word of God. Holy Communion- the flesh and blood of Christ is present in the bread and wine to bring forgiveness of sins. Confession and Absolution-Our Pastor proclaims Christ's forgiveness to all who seek it. If you have any questions, please call the church office before attending. We'd be happy to explain more in detail. 

Martini also provides two different service styles. The Heritage service is a more structured service with the use of traditional hymns played on a pipe organ. The second, contemporary service is a more informal service that uses more modern songs played on a keyboard. Both make use of adult and children's choir, as well as a praise team. Because of its growth, Martini welcomes families of all sizes to join us for worship. Children are certainly welcome and encouraged to come!



Heritage  8:30 am 

Adult Bible Class 9:45am

Sunday School 9:45am

Youth Group

Power Hour 9:45am

Contemporary 10:45 am  



Ever other Monday is Men's Bible Study ( Day VI) 7:30pm



5:30pm Weight Watchers (postponed until further notice)



6:30pm Devotional Service

Martini Kids Club Ministry 

Before and After School

Martini Kids club is currently enrolling for this school years before and after program 2020/2021. We do have a waiting list, if you have any questions or would like your child(ren) to be added to the list, please call Jasmen at 749-0014.

Weight Watchers 


Weight Watchers: Lisa from Weight Watchers let me know that Weight Watchers is not opening back up yet here at Martini. They have however opened at both of our Studio locations for small windows of time. Those times are posted on the WW app, under the group name of Northcrest, IN or Fort Wayne, IN

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Wednesday Night Service


7th and 8th grade Catechism Starts on
Wednesday September 13th, 2020 at 4:30pm
Wednesday night worship service will start at 6:30pm.


Choir Practice Starts on
Wednesday September 9th, 2020 at 7:30pm

Dear fellow believers,


I greet you in the love and joy created in us by God’s grace at work in us through his Son Jesus Christ. Many sources of distraction confront us, to take away our love and joy, sickness, politics, double standards forced upon us, just to name of few. But these sources of distraction fail to take our eyes off Jesus because God keeps us aware of our need for his Son and the Holy Spirit uses Advent to give us Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith.


As of this time Advent Dinners are not being planned. That may change, I simply do not know and our members who make this decision are still in the communication process. I know you understand the uncertainty felt during this pandemic. Please plan your Advent Worship at this time by planning your own meals. As one of God’s many servants I offer you this Advent theme and schedule to serve your relationship with God.


December 2 Wednesday 6:30 PM

Based on John 3:16 we answer the question, “What Christmas all about?” I’m certain you already know and believe Christmas is all about God’s love for the worship expressed by giving his Son Jesus Christ to us for our salvation.


December 9 Wednesday 6:30 PM

Based on Psalm 48:13-14 we tell others about Jesus. The previous generation told us about Jesus whom we have received in faith. Our generation tells the next generation about Jesus whom they have received in faith. This pattern continues throughout life on earth. What a privilege is ours that we get the tell others Christmas is all about Jesus, who he is, what he has done, what he continues to do for all people.


December 16 Wednesday 6:30 PM

Based on Galatians 4:4 we know God keeps his promises. He promised to send his Son to save us and when He decided the time was right, he fulfilled his promise. See how God’s Word came into being. He gave us his Word he would send his Son; he fulfilled his promise to send his Son and believers recorded his Word to create, sustain, and spread our common faith.


December 24 Thursday 6:30 PM

Based on Luke 2:7 we know there was no room for Jesus, Joseph or Mary in the inn. In my effort to apply the absence of room to what Christians experience today I may have at times made the people of Jesus’ day seem worse than they were. I hope not. The inn was filled to capacity but someone made available the part of their home in which the animals lived. Notice the humble love God has for the world.


December 25 Friday 9:00 AM

Based on Luke 2:8-20 we continue to learn what’s it all about. God became man, the Incarnation, one of us, to be our peace, our joy, our life with God. Oh dear loved ones in Christ, Merry Christmas!


December 31 Thursday 6:30 PM

Like Maundy Thursday tonight we focus on the Lord’s Supper. The gift of God’s Son given to us by God extends to this holy sacrament. The joy we experience, the love we receive are given to us in the forgiving body and blood of Jesus Christ. As 2020 draws to a close in Christ I my prayer for you is, Happy New Year.