Martini Lutheran Church

Heritage service  8:30am

Adult Bible Class 9:45am

Sunday School 9:45am

Contemporary Service 10:45am


Sunday Mornings

Heritage 8:30am

Bible Class and Sunday School 9:45am 

Contemporary 10:45am

1st and 3rd Sunday communion will be held in the Heritage Service

2nd and 4th Sunday communion will be held in the Contemporary Service.
If the month has a 5th service there will be communion in BOTH services. 

'How Do We Help People Believe in Christ - Through Martini'


At the beginning of April, those who selected on How Do We Help People Believe in Christ through Martini came together for a brainstorming meeting.  From these meetings several choices were selected to start to work towards helping people believe in Christ:

  1. Name Tags - You'll find in your Church mailbox your personalized Name Tag.  Feel free to wear them during worship services.  And if you choose to, you may keep them in your mailbox for the next service.

  2. Door Greeters - We are working on a sign-up sheet to gage participation

  3. Sign Messages - We are working on a sign-up, along with instructions & message ideas

  4. Outdoor Worship Service - We are pleased to announce that we will have an Outdoor Worship Service on June 6, 2021. This will be one service at 10:00am. Please bring a lawn chair if you would like, we will have additional chairs available at the church. We ask you to please pray that the weather will cooperate with our worship efforts.  More details will be coming soon!

This is just the start.  We need to keep the momentum going!  First, should we continue to meet to discuss making these first steps a success between services or another day / evening?  Second, we need everyone's help to make these ideas a success.  So please, sign up to help & participate in one or more of the above ways.  Lastly, thank you for attending the meetings & bringing great ideas & feedback!  It was inspiring to see us come together as a Church family to continue to help people believe in Christ!

Sunday Mornings

Heritage 8:30am

Contemporary 10:00am

1st and 3rd Sunday communion will be held in the Heritage Service

2nd and 4th Sunday communion will be held in the Contemporary Service.


If the month has a 5th service there will be communion in BOTH services.